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Who pays for the valuation?

It is considered to be the best practice that both the buyer and the seller conduct two independent evaluation reports, you pay for your and we pay for ours. In most cases, a subjective evaluation report would guaranty a realistic and eventually satisfying price for your coffeehouse, As we advance in the acquisition process, it’s important to provide us with a professional valuation/due diligence report. Kindly note if you didn’t conduct your own evaluation or decided to not disclose it, ours will be the only available reference to put a price tag on your business.

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What about the other income streams or the real estate that I own?

I have other streams of income such as an in-house beau-ring business, other than the main operation, would it be included in the sale? Is the real estate included? As for the real estate, yes, we are open to acquire it with or without your coffeehouse should be proved to be in excellent location. For any other tangible and intangible assets and by default, all of the tangible assets are going to be included in the valuation, however, if your other stream of income is completely independent and you have or plan to incorporate it at some point, we can easily exclude it from the valuation and the sales price. On the hand and if you want to sell it to us separately, we are generally open to the idea but we will have to post point the discussion about it until the team decides when.

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