Efficient process


You say your deal is efficient, is it cost efficient?

Yes it is. We have a framework in place with standard legal documents and read templates which will spare you some of the legal costs. Moreover, the demand for your coffeehouse already exist. So you don’t need to hire a selling-side broker until you absolutely need them and naturally you won’t need to list it online. As we advance in the acquisition process and reach the time of closing and if you decided to hire our legal attorneys to represent you, we will be happy to split the legal expenses that are typically associated with the closing. Now there are some costs associated with the selling that you need to bare, we are not a special case. Maintaining the financial statements of your coffeehouse is crucial for every managerial decision but they are most needed at the time of selling. If you have been procrastinating this important move there’s no better time to roll up your sleeves and crunch the numbers or hire a CPA to get this step done. If you were serious about selling your coffeehouse for the best price, you will start by knowing how much it is actually worth, a professional evaluation is what you need

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How do I or my accountant need to present the required statements?

Step one: Prepare clean and software-generated financials, no manual statements. The most basic nowadays is using an accounting software. If you are know your way in excel or Google sheet, then you may do it on your own. Accounting ABC is collecting your daily transactions then allocate them under the appropriate chart of account to be able to produce the financial statements: profit and loss , income statement and cash flow. The tax return is also required. Moreover, make sure that your FS are accrual based not cash-based. Know the difference. Step two: Subtract all the transactions that are related to alcohol, spiritual beverages and pork if you sell them. Since we will stop serving them after the acquisition, we want to have an accurate picture of the opening hours and their contribution to the revenue.

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